Wednesday, December 5, 2012

That Accomplished Feeling

I recently finished illustrating my first Children's Book. Towards the sprint to end I couldn't help feeling something I don't always feel everyday- a sense of accomplishment! 

Feeling accomplished often comes in small doses and on certain occasions. It would be nice to feel this everyday. Then I wonder- by not feeling it everyday can a funny kind of motivator to accomplish something to get more done. Maybe but one thing is for sure, we do things naturally to seek happiness in our illustration careers. Even on the worst and challenging days good things happen-we don't always recognize it right away. 

Why don't we feel accomplished everyday? It's easy:

• We get very busy! 
• We get distracted. 
• We often have long to-do lists that go on and on without end. 
• Life stuff gets in the way. 
• We do not always get feedback or recognition for everything we do. 
• And, sadly sometimes we caught up in all the competition that is out there. 

So how can we grab little moments of accomplishment? I think looking at it as an ongoing process helps. 

• Create more realistic daily lists that you can manage.
• Be selective at what you look at online. Try to avoid the negative stuff or the stuff that doesn't inspire you. 
• Better yet, get off the computer and make something! 
• Create something daily! It can be a new illustration, something for your portfolio or a new banner for your blog or Facebook like page. 
• Learn something new that can be applied to your illustration career. 
• Lastly and I say this often- Do something big before noon. Do something that scares you daily. Both of these actions push our creative boundaries and motivates us to do more. This can be very contagious and good for you!